XPERT WP Thermo Shield


XPERT WP Thermo Shield

Highly Flexible, 100% Acrylic Emulsion Waterproof & Heat Insulation Coating

XPERT WP Thermo Shield is a rubberized latex copolymer formulation intended to waterproof/damp proof ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms). It can be used on both residential and commercial foundation walls. It prevents the penetration of water and other chemicals, and can bridge small cracks up to 1/16”. XPERT WP Thermo Shield is intended to be applied to the exterior of the wall, but can also be applied to the interior as a decorative and moisture vapor-retarder coating. The product is pearl White in color and protects against moisture penetration through the foundation wall.

The material is ready to use. The contents should be stirred to eliminate any setting which may occur upon storage or shipping. A clean, dry surface is required. Excessively wide cracks and joints in the ICF forms should be caulked or filled.
AS protection coating on faced and concrete(flexible coating for roof water tanks and also for decorative purpose)
20 Kg / pail -- 5litre / tin


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