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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company “XPERT Construction Chemicals PVT. LTD”. This company is working in Pakistan as a division of XPERT Chemicals LLC UAE established in 2015.

We consider ourselves as construction chemicals technology partner of choice for many organizations looking to strategically transform modern construction, build and lead in today’s challenging business environment. We are into the business of construction chemicals for more than a decade with some other brands. Our in-depth knowledge of local environmental condition & construction needs, we develop innovative solutions, focused customer care services and efficient supply chain. Combining the right elements from our product portfolio, we can fully cover all the requirements of any project. Exploiting the experience gained from numerous construction projects over the country, we can provide technical and economic solutions for various construction issues.

We at XPERT Construction Chemicals are passionate and committed towards quality and in delivering innovative solutions to our valued customers. Customer’s faith and trust are the pillars of our success. By using our Chemicals, your facilities are bound to be protected from all typical construction-related problems such as water leakages, seepage, wall cracks, floor cracks, concrete breakdown in walls, etc. When our products are applied, your building’s strength and durability increase without putting extra burden on your budget. Our comprehensive portfolio encompasses Admixtures, Grouts and Anchors, Surface Treatments, Concrete Repairs, Water Proofing, Joints Sealants, Adhesives, Industrial Floorings, Building Finishing Products, Bitumen Products, Protective Coatings and Structural Strengthening etc. The above-mentioned range of construction chemicals is imported with the approval/supervision of XPERT Chemicals LLC UAE. The reputable quality of the products and services is scrutinized to ensure seamless integration and total customer satisfaction which surpasses the most challenging expectation.

We are dedicated to provide state of art service from our sales staff, trained specialized applicators and technical team support to enhance our client’s expectations. Along with our Products, we also provide expert service through support teams committed to serving valued customers throughout its regions. Our team members are well trained to be experts in solving all problems, needs, and concerns.

Our other associated company is Triangular General Contracting LLC UAE, which is a leader in providing value-added construction services to our customers by creating a successful partnership with them throughout the construction process.


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Our Core Values

We seek the trust of our employees, clients, and all professionals we work with.
We harness our spirit of innovation to ensure that our business remains at the forefront of creating value and improving.
Honoring all our commitments as a company to achieve our corporate goals and to align personal goals.
Responsible and Efficient
We learn from customers, understand them and aim to exceed their expectations by responsibility for our decisions, actions & results.
We listen and learn from each other, and work together to achieve outstanding results.
Being committed to protecting the health, safety & environment of our employees and stakeholders.
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