XPERT Vibro-plex BF

Concrete Admixture


Concentrated Plasticizer for Pipe and Block

XPERT VIBROPLEX BF is a highly concentrated, ready to use liquid plasticizer recommended for use in concrete pipe and all sizes of normal weight and lightweight block, where low or zero slump is required. XPERT VIBROPLEX BF produces a plasticizing effect by reducing the surface tension of the mixing water, allowing quicker wetting and more complete dispersion of the cement particles in the mix.

• XPERT VIBROPLEX BF can be used where low volume admixture dispensers are needed. • XPERT VIBROPLEX BF will produce concrete pipe and block that have a more uniform texture and color. • XPERT VIBROPLEX BF will have sharper and more defined edges and corners, with less chipping. • XPERT VIBROPLEX BF can be diluted 3 to 1 with water to produce a more economical plasticizer. • The wear and tear on mold-box lines will be reduced with the use of XPERT VIBROPLEX BF. • XPERT VIBROPLEX BF can shorten the cycling time as much as one second per cycle.
XPERT VIBROPLEX BF is recommended for all types of concrete pipe, block, and pavers where low to zero slumps is required.
The recommended dosage range for XPERT VIBROPLEX BF 4400 to 800 ml per 100 kilograms of cementitious material. Trial mixes are suggested to determine the required dosage for optimum performance in low to zero slump mixes.


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