XPERT Tack Coat


XPERT Tack Coat

Bitumen Emulsion Tack Coat

XPERT Bitumen Tack Coat is an emulsified bitumen tack coat, it is supplied as brown liquid ready to use, high-quality asphalt emulsion tack coat for the bonding of two asphaltic layers and bond between concrete and asphalt, XPERT Bitumen Tack Coat is a specially designed product and ensuring a uniform and strong bond between layers of asphalt in road construction and for maintenance purposes.

Tack coat is a brownish-black emulsion of asphalt that is applied to the prepared, existing asphalt or concrete surface prior to placing new hot mix asphalt. When it is placed, bonds to the layer of emulsion creating a monolithic pavement structure. Creating this bond also helps prevent water intrusion that can create potholes in asphalt works.
• Fast dry time vs. cutback asphalt. • Easy and uniform spray • Low temperature cure • Deep penetration, due to the small particle size 5 – 6 microns • Enhances structural strength of layers • Prevents lateral movement of structural layers. • Water resistant and enhances shedding of water. • Provides an impervious layer to prevent water ingress from the possible water table below. • Creates an excellent bond between existing surface and a new course of asphalt. • To coat and bond loose mineral particles on the original surface to be paved. • Environmentally friendly. • No specified temperatures to spray • Non-hazardous.
Rate of application is 0.20 – 0.65 Kg. / m2


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