XPERT Signet Crete


XPERT Signet Crete

Alkali Free, high performance, Liquid, Shot-Crete Admixture

XPERT Signet Crete is Alkali-free, high performance, liquid, set accelerator admixture. The accelerator effect depends on the cement content, type and age, the XPERT Crete and substrate temperatures, layers thickness and the spray process. The water / cement ratio in wet spraying and the quantity of mixing water in dry spraying are important criteria for the accelerating effects of XPERT Crete.

• High early strength development • Alkali Free • Minimal strength loss of the accelerated concrete • No additional pollution of surface and ground water by leached out alkalis • Lower rebound during application • Improves bond of XPERT Crete to rock and concrete, thus facilitating overhead spraying • Distinct reduction of dust • Chloride free: does not attack steel reinforcement
XPERT Crete is suitable for use as an accelerator in both the dry and wet spray process. The main uses are as follows: • XPERT Crete with high initial strengths • Heading stabilization in tunneling • Rock and slope stabilization. • Underground linings (i.e., in tunnels, mines) • High quality lining XPERT Crete • To form permanent gunite or XPERT Crete shells


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