XPERT Seal Flex


XPERT Seal Flex

High Flexible Two-Part Waterproof Cementitious Membrane

XPERT Seal Flex is a two-part flexible water proofing & protective coating, composed of best quality Portland cement, properly selected & graded aggregate, additives & acrylic emulsion polymer as a binder. XPERT Seal Flex react chemically after mixing to form a hardened flexible film which bonds tenaciously to most concrete or masonry substrates. XPERT Seal Flex prevents instruction of water, yet allow entrapped moisture to be released.

• XPERT Membrane 905 is highly resistant to standing water of wind driven rain and is intended for use on vertical and horizontal surfaces. • Waterproof, allows water vapor to escape from the structure. • Highly resistant to the effect so long-term weathering. • Durable in all climatic conditions • Excellent bond to concrete and masonry • Does not require over coating. • XPERT Membrane 905 can be applied on 24 hours old concrete there by giving immediate protection.
• Cast in place and precast concrete. • Brick, block, stucco, unglazed terracotta. • Porous stone, masonry substrates. • Exterior or Interior • Above or below grade applications. • All types of structures (industrial, commercial & residential areas) coastal environment. • Reface & even variations concrete surfaces. • Waste water treatment plants. • Protect exposed steel rebars from corrosion. • As a water proof coating for roofs. • To provide protection to concrete surfaces from carbonation and chloride attack. • As aligning for water retaining structures. • Portable water tanks. • Basements, terraces, balconies and roof gardens.
Density: 1.75 Kg / litre


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