XPERT Retarder 888

Concrete Admixture

XPERT Retarder 888

Set- Retarding Concrete Admixture

XPERT Retarder & Plasticizer 888 is a water-reducing set retarding admixture for concrete based upon a combination of highly purified lignosulfonates and hydration enhancing components. XPERT-R 888 provides a more plastic and flowable concrete, greater impermeability, reduced shrinkage, and higher compressive strengths in your concrete. XPERT-R 888 facilitates placing and finishing by providing controlled retardation of the concrete’s setting time to meet individual project requirements.

• Increased workability. • Easier place ability. • Reduced shrinkage and cracking. • Easier and faster pumping. • Greater impermeability. • Reduction in segregation. • Enhanced uniformity. • Increased durability. • Improved appearance. • Increased strengths.
XPERT-R 888 is recommended for applications where climatic, or jobsite conditions require controlled retardation while enhancing the performance characteristics of concrete. XPERT-R 888 is calcium chloride free and is recommended for use in all types of concrete including plain, reinforced, precast and prestressed concretes. XPERT-R 888 is especially effective in concretes containing such pozzolanic materials as fly ash, silica fume and slag. XPERT-R 888 set-retarding admixture is recommended for the optimum in finish ability and overall performance.
The recommended dosage range for XPERT-R 888 is 0.3 to 0.9 liters per 100 kg of cement. Set retardation and performance enhancement will increase with increases in dosage rates. It is suggested that trial mixes be conducted in order to determine the required dosage for optimum performance with your concrete components.


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