XPERT Release WB

Surface Treatments

XPERT Release WB

Water Based Chemical Mould Release Agent

XPERT RELEASE WB an emulsified blend of mineral oils and nonhazardous chemicals is specially formulated to produce release properties which are superior to those of conventional mould oils.

XPERT RELEASE WB is supplied as a spray able white liquid, ready for direct application on site.

The chemically reactive components in XPERT RELEASE WB provide a water repellent interface which protects formwork and ensures an even color and texture in the cast concrete.

In addition to preventing adhesion of concrete to formwork, XPERT RELEASE WB will allow air to escape from the interface during concrete placing and vibration. The release of air minimizes surface blemishes and blow holes resulting in a substantial reduction in remedial costs.

• Ensures easy release, reducing damage and improving efficiency of production. • Minimizes surface blemishes and staining, promoting high quality fair-faced concrete even with white cement. • Reduces opportunity of damage to formwork, extending usable life. • Minimizes cleaning of formwork before re-use. • Suitable for use with virtually all types of formwork. • Inhibits corrosion of steel formwork.
To provide quick, clean and easy stripping of moulds and formwork and ensure high quality, fair faced and stain free concrete.
"25-65 m2 / litre. depending on porosity & texture of mould surface."


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