XPERT Prime Coat


XPERT Prime Coat

Bitumen Emulsion Prime Coat

XPERT PRIME COAT is emulsified bitumen; it is supplied as brown liquid, ready to dilute and use, available in three grades, Rapid Set, Medium Set and Slow Set.

The major purpose of prime coat is to protect the underlying layers from wet weather by providing a temporary waterproofing layer, Additional benefits of prime coat is to stabilizing or binding the surface fines together and promoting bond to the HMA layer. Prime coat increased the bond strength at the interface between a compacted base and asphalt layer.
• Penetrate rapidly into the absorbent surface and bind the granular material together. • Harden or toughen the surface • Money and time saving is achieved, as no heating is required, protect environment. • Partially waterproof the treated areas to make them resistant to water erosion • Plug capillary voids. • Does not affect the base bitumen properties • Provide adhesion between the base and the next course. • Provide protection from wind, water, and traffic erosion.
Available in 218 kg. (Gross) Drums and bulk supply.


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