XPERT Poly-seal


XPERT Polyseal

Two part Poly-Sulphide Sealant

XPERT Polyseal is a two-part, self-leveling or gun-grade, XPERT Polysulfide Sealant, which effectively seals joints that are subject to structural or thermal movement, as well as non-moving joints, against infiltration of water and dirt. It will effectively prevent water from entering the sealed joints and thereby eliminate erosion of the soil underneath the slabs, particularly areas which are exposed to water frequently, such as swimming pool decks and around planters. All coping joints and deck joints should be sealed. In adobe soil areas, unsealed joints may cause swelling of the soil and subsequent buckling and cracking of the concrete slab.

It is used in the anti-leakage treatment for expanding joints, or settlement joint between underground connected way and major structure for factory floor, sewage reservoir, neutralizing pool, circulating pool, cooling water, and cable ditch for chemical and acid resistance, where corrosion is a concern.
• High workability and advantages of water proof, oil and chemical-resistance wide application scope. • Strong adhesive and cohesive force to most building materials such as metal, concrete, glass, ceramic, wood, lime, stone, plastic etc. • Used in room temperature curing with controllable speed and corrosion-resistance. • Having the properties of low modules, high elongation and elasticity, it can stand continuous, apparent, cyclic motion. It can work for a long time in continuous stretching and vibration and temperature vibration. • No pollution and corrosion to sealing structure. No hazards to human body.
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