XPERT Paste Epoxy


XPERT Paste Epoxy

Thixotropic Two Component Epoxy Resing Adhesives

XPERT Paste Epoxy is a trowel able, sag resistant patching compound for concrete and other substrates. This compound is two components, 100% non-volatile filled epoxy/amine resin system. Sand and coarse aggregate or fillers can be used in this system as an extended to permit more economical compounding. As much as two parts of sand (by volume) can be used with one part of the mixed binder.

• Have great resistance, particularly to deicing salts, petroleum products, and certain chemicals and acids, such as fertilizers, pesticides, and many other strong chemicals. • It is approved for use by the USDA in federally inspected meat and poultry processing areas. • It provides a skid-proofing medium when mixed with coarse sand and/or aggregate.
• Bridge decks & highway repair: Patching and dowel bar inserts • Drum and tank linings: Plastic tooling • Electrical potting: Protective coatings • Floor and wall coatings: Resurfacing • Grouting dowels and holes: Swimming pools • Vertical patching: Secondary confinement area, as a cover where a wall and floor connect. • Maintenance coatings: Waterproofing
Density. 1.7 kg/lit


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