XPERT Hydro Coat


XPERT Hydro Coat

Hydrophobic, Transparent waterproof coating for concrete & masonry

XPERT Hydro Coat is a penetrating, breathable, moisture repellent for exterior concrete and masonry surfaces. It contains 5% active silicone resin in a petroleum distillate solution. XPERT Hydro Coat is a clear liquid which penetrates and will not form a film on the surface. When applied at the proper coverage rate on a properly prepared surface, XPERT Hydro Coat will normally not alter the appearance of treated surfaces.

• Extends the life of masonry. • Forms an invisible moisture barrier. • Minimizes efflorescence. • Permits masonry to breathe and moisture vapor to escape.
• Formed and poured concrete, concrete block, precast concrete. • Clay brick, concrete brick, facing brick. • Unglazed clay tile, natural and artificial stone. • Stucco, cement plaster, mortar joints.
30-40 ft2 / kg / litre


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