XPERT FR Sealant


XPERT FR Sealant

Elastomeric Fuel Resistant Joint Sealant

XPERT FR SEALANT supplied as a single component liquid polymer is heated in an approved oil-jacketed extruder prior to extrusion into prepared joints. When using XPERT FR SEALANT through the extruder, outstanding daily application rates can be achieved.

• Highly resistant to weathering, will not flow, bubble or blister at high temperatures. • Maintains resilient, rubber like properties at sub-zero temperatures. • Outstanding resistance to petrol, oil and jet fuel spillage. • High productivity from extruder minimizes contract period. • Resistant to jet blast and penetration from stones and hard debris. • Self-leveling; produces uniform, neat joints. • In excess of 20 years proven performance.
Recommended for use in sealing joints in concrete pavements on roads, airfield aprons, runways and taxiways, cargo terminals, warehouse parking areas & service roads.
XPERT FR SEALANT: Number of liters required = Joint width (mm) x Sealant depth (mm) x Joint length (m) / 1000


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