XPERT Foam Crete 110

Concrete Admixture

XPERT Foam Crete 110

Light Weight Foaming Agent for Concrete

XPERT FOAM CRETE 110 is rigid and light weight mineral foam. It is joint less, extremely effective, single layer insulating material. XPERT CRETE 110 is economical and long-life treatment. XPERT CRETE 110 is produced by mixing Natural minerals (in presence of a catalyst) with foaming agents to obtain honeycombs with in its mass for the required area. Natural minerals as well as air voids lair pockets) produced in-the layer, offers resistance to both heat and cold.

XPERT FOAM CRETE 110 is a perfect insulating material conserve energy required to control extreme weather effect in Buildings to reduce environmental effects on concrete construction in tropical area. XPERT FOAM CRETE 110 used for Void Filling, Roof Insulation, Bridge Abutment, Trench Reinstatement.
• XPERT FOAM CRETE 110 is a complete insulator. It costs almost half of the cost of Polystyrene & PU etc. • Create 25% of temperature difference from atmospheric temperature. • Protects roof from temperature cracks and damages due to ultra-violet radiation. • Remains state, in case of absorbing rain water because of its crystalline property. • Has very high sound absorption and is effective sound insulator. • Fills the uneven surfaces, Best Roof Slope. • It ideal for Sound Proofing & Thermal Insulation. • Is ideal for treatment of old roofs.
XPERT FOAM CRETE 110 is laid directly on concrete roof Water Proofing is provided and covered with concrete screed (Avg. 2-3" thick) using steel mesh.


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