XPERT Epoxy Tile Grout


XPERT Epoxy Tile Grout

Three Component, acid resistant epoxy jointing grout. High Strength Flow-able Epoxy Grout.

XPERT Epoxy Tile Grout is a three-component epoxy tile grout comprised of a 100% solids epoxy resin blend and a proprietary aggregate blend designed to produce exceptional flow, high strength and chemical resistance. It is formulated to withstand dynamic loading, high bearing and is easier to place in narrow configurations and between the ceramic tiles.

• Excellent flow • Maximum bearing support • High strength yet fast curing for minimum downtime • Exceptional resistance to temperature fluctuations • Excellent flexural, tensile and shear strengths • Resistant to many corrosive chemicals and Oil • Withstands prolong elevated temperatures • Abrasion resistance exceeds that of concrete
• Placements requiring high vibration and temperature Resistance, extreme thermal variations or maximum bearing support. • Under large or wide base plates, in narrow tolerance • Dynamic loading conditions.
Coverage/yield: 8.75 liters/17.5 kg pack


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