XPERT Epoxy Mortar


XPERT Epoxy Mortar

Three component, epoxy resin based putty for sealing cracks and blow holes on concrete floors and walls.

XPERT Epoxy Mortar is a general-purpose epoxy mortar based on specially selected epoxy resins, hardeners and aggregate for use as a repair mortar for cracked or damaged concrete. XPERT Epoxy mortar shows good chemicals, acid and base resistant. For more information on this or any other product, please contact XPERT customer service.


• High strength • Cure under damp conditions • Easy application • Excellent adhesion • Convenient mix ratio
As beddding or patching mortar to improve abrasion. For filling blow holes, making good slightly damaged concrete, eliminating in or irregularities on floors and walls prior to applying epoxy coatings."
"Density: 2.0 kg / litre 3 component in different colors"


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