XPERT Emulsified Coat


XPERT Emulsified Coat

Asphalt Emulsion, Cold Applied Damp Proof Coating

XPERT Emulsified Coat is a cold applied, high quality asphalt emulsion containing bentonite clay that forms a damp- proof barrier on concrete or masonry walls. This breath able film protects against capillary moisture migration while not limiting vapor transmission.

• Above or below grade, interior or exterior • Formed and poured or tilt wall concrete, concrete block, masonry or stone surfaces • Footings, foundations, retaining walls and fire walls • Culverts, bridge abutments, copings, parapets
• Excellent bond strength to a variety of substrates and surface textures • May be applied to damp surfaces or green concrete • Minimizes vapor transmission and dampness through below grade walls • Unaffected by soil alkalinity or acidity, organic matter or minerals • Excellent durability will not peel, blister, sag or re-emulsify • Easily applied with brush, roller or spray equipment
"75-100 Ft2 per U.S. gallon per coat. 1.8-2.5 M2 per liter per coat."


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