XPERT ASR Resistant

Concrete Admixture

XPERT ASR Resistant

Admixture to Resist Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete

XPERT ASR RESISTENT is a lithium nitrate-based admixture used to control alkali-silica reaction (ASR) in high-alkali concrete, produced when using reactive aggregates.

• Minimizes deleterious expansions in concrete due to ASR. • Increases durability and life span of the concrete structure. • Allows use of locally available aggregate. • Compatible with appropriate pozzolans and other XPERT admixture • Easy to use.
Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) is a chemical reaction which occurs when the alkali hydroxides present in the pore solution of concrete react with certain forms of reactive silica present in the aggregates to form an alkali silica gel. This gel itself is harmless, but in presence of moisture it swells and generates tensile stresses in the concrete, eventually causing the concrete to crack. The main source of alkalis (sodium and potassium) in fresh concrete is Portland cement.
The standard dosage of XPERT ASR RESISTENT depends on alkali content of the cement use add 0.55 gallons of XPERT ASR RESISTENT for every pound (4.6 liters of ASR RESISTENT for every kilo gram) of sodium equivalent supplied by the cement dosages should be determent by performance testing. To maintain the water to cement ratio, subtract 0.85 gallon of water for each gallon (0.85 liter of water for each liter) of XPERT ASR RESISTENT added.


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