XPERT Anti-Freeze 1150

Concrete Admixture

XPERT Anti-Freeze 1150

Non-chloride, Accelerating Admixture

XPERT Anti-Freeze 1150 is a new generation, cost effective, non-chloride accelerating admixture for concrete. XPERT Anti-Freeze 1150 is designed to accelerate the setting time of concrete and particularly that of fly ash concrete, while providing higher early and ultimate strengths, especially designed for low temperature concrete.

• Set acceleration without corrosion. • Controlled acceleration (determined by dosage). • Reduced segregation and bleeding. • Greater impermeability. • Increased durability and uniformity. • Increased strength at all ages.
XPERT Anti-Freeze 1150 are designed for concrete where accelerated setting is desired. XPERT Anti-Freeze 1150 are especially effective in concretes containing such pozzolanic materials as fly ash, silica fume and slag. XPERT Anti-Freeze 1150 are recommended for applications where the use of chlorides would be undesirable such as: • Prestressed concrete • Concrete bridge deck repair • Concrete placed on galvanized steel floor and roof systems. • Concrete pipe • Reinforced concrete in most environments
XPERT Anti-Freeze 1150 are normally used at dosage rates of 1 liter to 2.05 liter per 100 kgs of cement. As the quantity is increased, the acceleration of setting time is increased. It is suggested that trial mixes be conducted to determine the required dosage for optimum performance with specific concrete components


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