XPERT Acrylic Bond


XPERT Acrylic Bond

Acrylic emulsion cement modifier and concrete bonding agent.

XPERT Acrylic Bond is an acrylic latex liquid bonding agent and an admix (in place of water) for cement mortar patching and resurfacing.  Mixed with a cement/sand or gravel combination, it becomes an effective patching and topping mortar having excellent adhesion capabilities and resistance to abrasion, freeze/thaw cycling, industrial chemicals and deicing salts and chemicals.

The mortar produces a strong, durable patch with excellent retention of flexibility and elongation, and does not discolor after exterior exposure to heat, cold and aging. Less water introduced into the mix produces higher density to the mortar, ready workability and less shrinkage.  Improved hydration of the concrete is maintained by the barrier action of the polymers, which is particularly important on applications of thin overlays and spray coatings that do not have the moisture retention characteristics of a thicker mortar placement.

XPERT Acrylic Bond is economical to use because of its performance, low maintenance costs, savings in material and labor cost, and further sealing and curing processes are not required. Field and laboratory tests prove superior tensile, compressive, flexural shear bond and impact strengths over styrene-butadiene rubbers, polyvinyl acetates and un-modified mortar.
• An admixture for mortar patching, filling cracks, floor underlayment to level floors before tiling, precast building panels and beams, pavement and bridge deck repairs, setting pipes, spray and fill coats. • A bonding agent for plaster, stucco, cement and slurry coats. • An admix for cement base plaster, and stucco mixes and base coats to reduce cracking and improve curing.
6-8 m2 / litre


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