Concrete Admixture


Low Temperature, Accelerating Admixture (Type C & E)

XPERT AC 950 is a unique, next generation, non-chloride accelerating admixture for concrete. In laboratory and field evaluations against the major competitive non-chloride accelerators, XPERT AC 950 has demonstrated unsurpassed acceleration of setting time and strength over a wide range of cold weather temperatures and dosages. With adequate protection, concrete containing XPERT AC 950 can be placed in sub-freezing temperatures with superior rate-of-set and compressive strength results. Field evaluations must be conducted to determine the XPERT AC 950 dosage necessary to meet rate-of-set and strength development requirements, minimum acceptable ambient and concrete temperatures considering your concrete components and jobsite conditions, and the level and length of protective measures.

• Superior set acceleration. • Controlled acceleration (determined by dosage). • Reduced segregation and bleeding. • Greater impermeability. • Superior finish ability. • Increased durability. • Earlier stripping and re-use of forms. • Increased early and ultimate compressive and flexural strengths. • Reduced protection time and/or protective measures in cold weather.
XPERT AC 950 is designed for concrete where accelerated setting and strength gain characteristics are desired. XPERT AC 950 is especially effective in concretes containing such pozzolanic materials as fly ash, silica fume and slag. In addition to the set accelerating characteristics of XPERT AC 950, the strength gains allow earlier finishing and form removal as well as reducing energy costs in cold weather concreting.
XPERT AC 950 The recommended dosage range for XPERT AC 950 is 33.8 to 52.8 ounces per 220.5 pounds (1000 to 1500 ml/100kg) of cement. As the quantity is increased, the acceleration of setting time is increased. In sub-freezing ambient temperatures, dosages of 67 ounces per 220.5 pounds (3000 ml/100kg) are frequently used. (Consult your XPERT representative for dosage recommendations.) It is highly recommended that trial mixes be conducted to determine the required dosage for desired set times and optimum performance. Caution: Depending upon the dosage used, delayed set times may occur with some cements when this product is used in conjunction with water reducers.


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