Concrete Admixture


Air-Entraining Admixture Low Dosage

XPERT A.E. 360 is an aqueous solution of a unique, synthetically manufactured surfactant for the air entrainment of concrete. XPERT A.E. 360’s patented formula provides superior controllability of the air content, and finish ability in air entrained concrete XPERT A.E.  360 increases concrete’s durability making it more resistant to the damaging effects of freezing and thawing while improving workability and reducing bleeding. XPERT A. E. 360 is carefully formulated and subjected to stringent quality control to guarantee superior results in both the plastic and hardened concrete.

• Superior resistance to freeze-thaw cycles and scaling. • Improves workability. • Reduces bleeding. • Reduces size and number of capillary channels increasing impermeability. • Increased compressive strength in lean mixes. • Substantially increased durability. • Increases moisture retention for cement hydration. • Superior air voids system.
XPERT A.E. 360 is designed for use in exterior concrete such as highway paving, curb and gutters, sidewalks, driveways, slabs, walls or other areas needing protection from freeze-thaw damage or the harmful effect of de-icing salts. XPERT A.E. 360 is effective in increasing the workability of the concrete especially in lean or harsh mixes. Combine XPERT A.E. 360 with XPERT 1000 or 2000 admixture series for ultimate strengths and durability.
The recommended dosage range for XPERT A.E. 360 is 0.55 to 7.0 ounces per 100 pounds (66 to 490 ml/100kg) of cement. Various concrete making materials, slump, and ambient air temperature, additions of pozzolanic materials, mixing time and type and brand of cement will affect dosage rates. Conduct trial mixes to determine the dosage necessary for XPERT A.E. 360 to obtain the required percentage of entrained air. In addition, a regular program of air tests should be instituted in order to adjust the dosage to changing conditions.


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