XPERT 650 Silica Fume (S.F-D)

Concrete Admixture


Silica Fume Pozzolanic Admixture

XPERT 650 S.F-D is a dry, densified silica fume (micro silica) pozzolanic admixture for concrete which produces superior performance characteristics. XPERT 650 S.F-D Substantially increases concrete compressive and flexural strengths, durability, and impermeability.

• Increased compressive and flexural strengths. • Dramatically improved durability. • Enhanced resistance to chemical attack. • Superior freeze-thaw resistance. • Low permeability. • Increased abrasion erosion resistance.
XPERT 650 S.F-D is a pozzolan which reacts chemically within the concrete and an ultra-fine material which fills the voids between cement particles creating an extremely dense and impermeable concrete. As a result, XPERT 650 S.F-D. will increase the resistance of concrete against sulfate and chloride attack, providing superior protection for substructures and superstructures in harsh environments. XPERT 650 S.F-D greatly reduces the ingress of water and chemicals, which promote the corrosion of reinforcing steel. These performance characteristics make XPERT 650 S.F-D. an ideal material for use in parking decks, bridge decks, marine structures, and any application requiring dense and impermeable concrete. The use of XPERT 650 S.F-D creates extremely high compressive strength concrete. This creates structural economics and design flexibility because of a reduction in member size and/or quantity, increased span lengths, and reduced slab thickness. Consequently, XPERT 650 S.F-D is recommended for demanding or intricate design applications requiring extremely high-performance concrete. NOTE: For the ultimate in impermeable, durable, high strength performance, use XPERT 1000 SP-MN super plasticizer in conjunction with XPERT 650 S.F-D micro silica.
5 to 15% by weight of cement depending on the desired performance characteristics


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