Concrete Admixture


Low Dosage Superplasticizer for Concrete

XPERT 2000 Super-plasticizer, Poly-Carboxylate is an exceedingly efficient super-plasticizer which   reduces   water requirements in concrete up to 30%. XPERT 2000 SP-PC produces highly fluid concrete for easier and faster placement.  Higher strength concrete is achieved with substantially lower water/cement ratios and maintaining workability. XPERT 2000 SP-MN attains the necessary workability in the most difficult placement problems without the use of excess water. XPERT 2000   SP-PC is a synthetically manufactured combination of lignosulphonate based, and other proprietary ingredients. The combined characteristics of the lignosulphonate and naphthalene condensates provide beneficial concrete performance in a single super-plasticizer.

• Comparable strength development to stiff, low slump concrete. • Increased workability. • Effortless placement. • Easier and faster pumping of concrete with pump pressures reduced as much as 50%. • Increased volume stability. • Reduced segregation even at high slumps. • Type I cement early strength development comparable to Type III. • Greater impermeability. • Excellent concrete durability. • Improved appearance of architectural concrete. • Reduced discharge and turnaround time for trucks. • Improved resistance to sulfate attack. • Increased productivity resulting in reduced labor costs, and faster reuse of forms. • Increased strengths at all ages.
XPERT 2000 SP-PC contains no calcium chlorides. XPERT recommends XPERT 2000 SP-PC for use in all types of concrete including plain, reinforced, extruded, precast and prestressed concretes. XPERT 2000 SP-PC is especially effective in concrete containing such pozzolanic materials as fly ash, silica fume and slag.
Dosage rates vary depending upon the amount of plasticity and/or water reduction desired. The recommended dosage range for XPERT 2000 SP-PC is 300 ml to 800 ml per 100 kgs of cementitious material. Trial mixes are suggested in order to determine the required dose age for optimum performance with your concrete components.


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