Concrete Admixture


Superplasticizer for Concrete

XPERT 1200 SP-M is an extremely efficient super-plasticizer, which can reduce the water requirements in your concrete by as much as 30%. XPERT 1200 SP-M can be used to produce either highly fluid concrete for easier and faster placement or high strength concrete with substantially lower water/cement ratios than would normally be obtained. With XPERT 1200 SP-M, you can attain the necessary workability for the most difficult placement problems without the use of excess water. XPERT 1200 SP-M super-plasticizer is a naturally manufactured, lignosulphonate based.

Since XPERT 1200 SP-M is calcium chloride free, it is recommended for use in all types of concrete. XPERT 1200 SP-M is especially effective in concrete containing such pozzolanic materials as fly ash, silica fume and slag.
• Comparable strength development to stiff, low slump concrete. • Increased workability and easier place ability. • Easier and faster pumping of concrete with pump pressure reduced as much as 50%. • Reduced shrinkage and cracking. • Reduced segregation even at high slumps. • Frequently Type I cement can be substituted for Type III to meet the same early strength requirements. • Greater impermeability. • Increased concrete durability, uniformity, and strength at all ages. • Improved appearance of architectural concrete. • Reduced discharge and turnaround time for trucks. • Earlier release of beds in pre-stressed concrete. • Reduced bleed and increased density. • Improved resistance to sulfate attack. • Increased productivity resulting in reduced labor costs, and faster reuse of forms.
Dosage rates vary depending upon the amount of plasticity and/or water reduction desired. The recommended dosage range for XPERT 1200 SP-M is 10 to 40 ounces per 100 pounds (650 to 1600 ml/100kg) of cementitious material. Trial mixes are suggested in order to determine the required dosage for optimum performance with your concrete components.


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