Flooring at Electrical Substation, Abu Dhabi

Case Study

Flooring at Electrical Substation,
Abu Dhabi

Baniyas area flooring at Electrical Substation, Abu Dhabi

Flooring at Electrical Substation in baniyas area was required after finishing both the contractor and client were extremely happy with the solution provided, being economical and easy to apply in a short time space.
Valued Client
Lindenberg-Emirates LLC
Area of Application
( 2 x 150 m2 area ) Flooring in electrical substation
XPERT Flow Crete 930


Our solution

Newly applied concrete screed on pathways in electrical substation was rejected by the consultant due to large-scale imperfections. Customer had already lost both money and time, Needs economical and easy to apply solution in a short time space.
XPERT Construction Chemicals was approached by the specialist-flooring contractor to provide a flooring solution to the rejected screed. XPERT CC offered XPERT Flow Crete 930 as an economical and time saving solution.
Application took place in three phases:
1. After removing the rejected screed, the area was cleaned from all dust, loose parts and debris. The structural concrete to be covered by the new screed was prepared with jackhammer to provide a mechanical key for the screed. The surface was then soaked with water.
2. XPERT SBR Latex was then applied as a primer to enhance bonding between old structural concrete and the new screed to be laid. Over coating of the primer can be started after primer becomes tacky.
3. XPERT Flow Crete 930 screed was then applied at a thickness of 15 - 30 mm depending on a substrate profile level to be achieved.