XPERT Release 245

Surface Treatments

XPERT Release 245

Concrete Form Release Agent

XPERT RELEASE 245 is a mineral oil and petroleum-based form XPERT RELEASE 245. Its dual action formulation is lightly reactive with improved barrier characteristics. Specially blended oils for easy stripping of formwork in plastic, timber, steel, fiber-glass and aluminum forms. Poured in place or formed concrete. Metal door and window frames.


• Promotes clean positive XPERT RELEASE 245 of forms reduces imperfections in the concrete. • Minimizes dusting of formed surfaces • Dual action-barrier and lightly reactive • Extends the life of all forms, inhibits oxidation of metal forms. • Reduces labor cost of stripping and cleaning forms or equipment. • Economical application rates. • Pleasant aroma. • Clings well to vertical surfaces.
• Plywood, high density plywood, wood, fiber-glass, steel and aluminum forms. • Poured in place or formed concrete. • Equipment such as paving machines, bucket hoists, concrete pumps and buggies. • Metal door and window frames.
"30-60 m2 / litre. depending on porosity & texture of mould surface."


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